Embark on a journey of divinely-directed discoveries that can break through to a more authentic relationship with God, a deeper knowing of yourself, and a clearer path to your desired future. Through a Christ-centered coaching relationship, I can help you navigate the obstacles and false beliefs that hinder the release of your truer nature and keep you from what you really want. This journey calls for growth in self-awareness and taking steps of conscious change.

   Aha Life Coaching

Experience Christ

I frequently use the Enneagram, a personality tool that reveals patterns of “the old self, which we are to cast off in order to walk in newness of life.”  (Romans 6). 

As a trained Life Coach, Enneagram presenter, and devoted follower of Jesus, I provide a harbor of honesty, confidentiality, assurance, insight, and prayer.  I operate from a Biblical foundation and recognize that God is the One who initiates “Holy Ahas” in a person’s life. 

“Of all the personality tests I have taken, the Enneagram nailed me the best.  It helped me see some key things that have kept me from being productive and confident.  By a coaching relationship with Marilyn, I gained important insights that have let to changes in my life, marriage, and work.”
                                                                                                Rob Crawford
                                                                                                Young Life Area Director, Santa Barbara, CA