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Mark Cowan's professional coaching passion is to help leaders identify and maximize their strengths and potential. His desire and goal is for you to live out your personal vision with maximum joy!



Mark Cowan

Professional Coaching & Consulting

Following four years in the Air Force as a SERE Instructor, I graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  


I began my healthcare career as a clinician and have served in senior leadership roles, in both private and publicly traded healthcare companies, for more than 30 years. I have significant experience as a senior leader in operations, strategic planning and business development.  


Personal and Professional Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting



Coaching is the art and science of helping another discover their strengths and potential.  The focus of coaching is on the client and not the coach; and on the here and now and not the past.


Mentoring is a relationship that leverages the strengths and 

experiences of the mentor for the improvement of performance of the mentee.


Consulting is the act of providing expert advice or direction to a person or group leading to improvement in performance.



My experience being coached by Mark Cowan was very impactful. I believe I received more than just goal achievement. I received new insight into the strengths and weaknesses that I governed my whole life with. Mark was able to empower me, or coach me, to see how my own fears and past failures limited my desire to try to reach new goals and also produced procrastination to reattempt others I may have not reached in the past. On the flipside, he reminded me that there are fundamentals and strengths that I already possess and have used to reach goals in the past. He showed me that I could harness and apply those God given strengths and fundamentals to achieve new goals that I have for my life. I consider my coaching sessions a key component to reaching a personal and professional goal.            


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